Welcome to NetEx Online Services

If your business is looking for secure email hosting under a company domain, we provide an complete email server solution with fully managed email domain hosting - branded using your own domain name - with volume plans under $.50 per month per user. Using our secure technology helps your company comply with HIPAA regulations.

Get rid of SPAM: All NetEx Online Services email accounts include a powerful anti-spam feature that includes Spam-Assassin and an automated challenge/response whitelist feature. Stops spam at the mail server - before you ever see it.

Anti-Virus: All NetEx Online Services secure email accounts are protected by an ICSA-Certified Virus scanner installed on the email server, professionally managed and updated 24 hours per day.

NetEx Online Services has been recognised consistently as the best hosting provider, winning the ISPA Best Hosting Provider Award four years running, with your shared exchange email hosting package you'll also get unrivalled service. At NetEx Online Services we guarantee 100% network uptime and you can rest assured you're supported 24/7 by certified Windows engineers.

Our hosting features

  • Our secure encrypted email uses the same security technologies employed by banks and healthcare providers
  • 128-bit VeriSign SSL/TLS encryption with nothing to download, no plug-ins to install
  • Helps your company comply with HIPAA, GLB and SOX Regulations
  • Stay VIRUS FREE with included ICSA-Certified virus scanner
  • BLOCK SPAM 100% with user-configurable challenge/response system and advanced spam filter
  • Completely anonymous headers that are virtually untraceable with NO local IP address information.
  • Works with any web browser and most standard email clients, including Outlook, Mobile phones, etc. secure email compatibility
  • No pop-ups or other annoying advertisements are displayed while accessing your mail.