Secure Email Features

Every Mailbox Comes Packed with 100GBs of Email Storage

That's right - all of our mailboxes come with 100GBs of email storage. This huge amount of space eliminate's having to purge out important emails that you'd rather keep. The storage space for each user is also combined, so if you have 5 users, then you have 500GBs of storage that can be shared in any way you like between those mailboxes.

More Bang for Less Bucks

With NetEx Online Services , you get all of the features you would expect from a Microsoft Exchange solution, but at a fraction of the cost. We've created the ultimate configuration that lets you keep using your existing mail client (such as Outlook and Thunderbird), or use our Webmail client. Combined with our Sync client and IM + Notification Client, you'll have all the tools you need to stay up to date no matter where you are.

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Features Built on the Strongest of Foundations

Great features would mean nothing without a solid foundation. That's why NetEx Online Services has built one of the industry's most advanced networks that makes redundancy of all services a requirement of its infrastructure.

Redundancy on all services is not only great for reliability, but it also eliminates the need for scheduled maintenance that would usually take your account offline. In addition to the extreme measures we take to keep our systems online, we take added caution in routine backing up customer data to other data centers in the unlikely event of a data center catastrophe.

Have customers who might want NetEx Online Services ?

If you have a customer base who might like these features, our private label offering might be the perfect for you. NetEx Online Services currently supports hundreds of webhosting providers and other IT businesses who are looking to provide great email offerings to their clients, without also having to manage the headache that goes with doing this in-house.

Build into NetEx Online Services with our API

For those businesses looking for a little extra adaptability, we provide API access to our Enterprise users. The API gives administration control as well as PIM data management interaction to developers.

More of the Hands-On Type?

If you'd rather not read about our features and dive right in, then we'd recommend our 14 day free trial. The trial isn't restricted in any way and you'll have the full backing of our sales and support team at your disposal. Signing up will take you less than five minutes and you won't be billed unless you continue beyond 14 days. To get started, please click here.