Shared Hosting Features

NetEx Online Services provides flexible, high capacity yet affordable email and web hostingservices that take care of your email and web site for you.

Founded in 1999, NetEx Online Services has more than a decade's experience running high-performance and reliable services for individuals, professionals, and companies in more than 150 countries.

Our solutions are built with the needs of our diverse customer base in mind:

Ease of use

At NetEx Online Services , we believe in simplifying complicated things meaning that we take advanced features and convert them into practical and useful functionality that is intuitive and available for everyone in a user-friendly way.


As the original premium email service provider, NetEx Online Services could price its services much higher than we currently do instead, we make them available as affordably as possible in order for anyone to use them, regardless of budget.


Many companies attempt to "lock in" their customers by making it difficult to leave, or by forcing them to do things a certain way. At NetEx Online Services , we've learned that the customer might have a better understanding of how NetEx Online Services might work best for them, and we always do our utmost to accommodate every customer, even if they should wish to move to another provider.

Personal support

NetEx Online Services is run by real people people who have been here since the company was founded, and who have experience with all aspects of the service. When you need help with email, we have the solutions or the ability to direct you to someone who does.


In the age of social networking and intrusive advertising, there is increasing demand for the protection of personal or sensitive communication. NetEx Online Services enforces strict privacy regulations in accordance with the Data Inspectorate of Norway, where our servers are located.


NetEx Online Services is built on a strong set of valuesthat guides our business, our service development, and the relationship with our customers. We believe that communication not only is a basic human need, but that increased communication makes for a better world especially if it occurs in a well-organized and secure fashion. And it doesn't hurt if the service is run on an environmentally friendly, hydro-powered server park.