Secure Email: How It Works

NetEx Online Services can work either over the Web or through your standard email client. Many of our users use both, using, for example, secure POP mail at their main or "home" PC, and using secure Webmail when using a PC at work or when traveling. NetEx Online Services operates independently from your ISP or other email services.

Secure Webmail

When using NetEx Online Services via a Web browser (like Internet Explorer) you simply go the Web address of the NetEx Online Services login page.

This is similar to how Yahoo! or HotMail operate, except for the added NetEx Online Services security, Virus and Spam features.

When you visit the NetEx Online Services Webmail login page a gold "padlock" appears in the lower frame of most browsers, and the http:// in the address bar changes to https://. This happens automatically. The added "s" guarantees that you are connecting over a secure SSL connection.

Secure POP Mail

This secure email option lets you set up the account on your PC just like any other email account, and it looks and acts the same.

Use it with your Outlook (or other email client). The only difference is that all email sent and received is protected by SSL/TLS security, Anti-Virus and Spam Filter.

In order to setup a NetEx Online Services email account on your PC, you do it in the normal manner with one small difference from the default email configuration.

Once set up, your secure email account will operate just like a regular email account.

Either Method Provides Full Strength SSL/TLS Security, Anti-Virus and Spam Filter.

Through either method, with NetEx Online Services you are using VeriSign's RSA-powered SSL/TLS, the most powerful and secure form of SSL available. At the connection point, well before any login or password information is entered, you are communicating over a secure channel.