Privacy Tools

In addition to RSA-powered VeriSign SSL/TLS encryption, bullet-proof spam filter and ICSA-Certified Anti-Virus mail scanner, which are all included in your NetEx Online Services secure email service, there are additional steps an Internet user can take to further increase privacy and security.

The security and privacy experts at NetEx Online Services have evaluated dozens of applications designed to add additional layers of protection. The applications have been tested for effectiveness, ease of installation and use, and "side effects" which could include undesirable features or conflicts with applications or operating systems. The following are our staff's recommendations.

Software Firewalls

Regardless of how your PC is connected to the Internet, running a software firewall is an essential element of security. Even if your PC is behind a router or hardware firewall, a software firewall adds a needed layer of protection. Here are some links to our favorite software firewalls.

Test your firewall online for free at:

Spyware/Adware Protection

In addition to creating serious privacy and security concerns, adware and spyware can cause system and browser instability, and consume resources causing your PC to operate at a slower speed.

Spyware Doctor:

Spybot Search & Destroy



The ICSA-certified virus filter included with your NetEx Online Services secure email service can only protect your system from viruses found in email from your NetEx Online Services accounts. It is still possible for you to contract a virus in other ways, and it is crucial that you have stand-alone virus protection. We recommend that you only consider an ICSA-certified virus scanner. We have listed several of the more popular ICSA-certified providers of virus detection products below.

Computer Associates
Grisoft (AVG)
Network Associates Inc. (McAfee)
Symantec Corporation (Norton)

Whatever virus scanner you select, once in a while you may want a 2nd opinion – like the free online scanner from Trend Micro here.

Really Serious Encryption

While expensive and difficult to setup and manage, various advanced solutions are commercially available including AES, smart card, token and other products with encryption approved for use with sensitive information by U.S. government agencies and in wide use by corporate America. In addition, free PGP encryption produces a very high level of security if you can figure out how to install and use it. Remember that PGP and other key-based scenarios require the exchange and management of encryption keys.

Free PGP

Additional Encryption Resources