Shared Hosting

Having a personal or corporate website provides you the opportunity to reach out to millions of people across the globe. You can build your website on your own PC but you need to publish it on the World Web. This can be done only by buying your web space from a server. What you would be looking for is affordable and feasible web hosting services by a server. A server runs round the clock, round the year. It is responsible for relaying the information of the website it hosts. It stores all kind of data information of the respective website. It has a huge database storage system which is required by the users or viewers of a particular website. It works with the help of numerous softwares that respond to the queries of the users/viewers of a website.

Shared hosting allows you to share your allocated space on the server, which provides web hosting services to other clients as well. You are not only sharing your space on that server with other websites but the resources, the server's hardware, bandwidth and IP addresses as well. By using a shared hosting service your website resides in the same server with many other websites. Your website has its own space and limitations. Space and usage restrictions apply on all the websites residing in a shared host or shared server.

One of the main reason why people choose shared web hosting is because the service, maintenance and technical support is take care by the administration of the share host server itself. They monitor the traffic and the usage of each website and troubleshoot wherever necessary. Sometimes, a website may take up more space than is allocated to it. This hinders the performance of other websites. It takes adequate measures in such circumstances.

Besides, most shared web hosting services offer initial website setup support to its customers. SiteBuilder and SiteStudio Website Building Tools are provided to build the website for optimum performance. Moreover the shared host makes it secure and safe with its security measures. The private data is stored on the RAM of the server and it is the responsibility of the server to protect it from all sorts of cyber crime and infiltration.

Shared web hosting allows you to start your own business called reseller shared hosting. This is a great way of building your business as a shared web hosting or web designing firm. You can avail the services of an existing and reliable shared web host and resell the allocated space given to you to your own clients. The maintenance, monitoring, security and update of the domains of your clients shall be managed by the main shared host. You can develop your own service plans and rates. However, the hardware and the programming of the main shared server's system shall not be in your control.